Barnyard Bestsellers

02-26-99 · In one of Gary Cundall's cartoons he shows dogs in the library reading from selected titles such as, Bones, Are All the Good Ones Gone?, Does the Dog Catcher Sleep? and other good dog books.

Such clever animal behavior insight leads me to consider what books one might find on the Barns & Stable Bestseller List. I looked. Livestock are heavily into self-help books.

· Herefords are from Venus - Angus are from Mars An example of prehistoric rivalry.
· Chicken Soup for the Freshly Weaned Ruminant's Soul Heart-wrenching stories of leaving home.
· The Holstein Prophecy Bovine angels inspire milkers to greater production.
· The Joy of Artificial Insemination Do the best you can with what you've got.
· The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Porcines How to organize your own pig pen.
· Co-Dependent No More: Breaking the Herd Habit Earn millions without leaving your stall.
· The 9 Steps to Parasitic Freedom Say goodbye to lice.
· The Goat That Listens to Horses Memoirs of a race track psychologist.
· One Day My Sole Just Opened Up The tale of one cow's battle with footrot.
· Protein Power Eat urea and like it.
· Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Shetlands improve their self-esteem.
· Cook Right for Your Type Rumen vs. stomach vs. gizzard.
· Into Thin Air Where your methane and money go.

And lest you think ungulates don't read for fun, I offer these titles:
· The Sheep Whisperer
· The Cow from Snowy River
· A Power Line Runs Through It
· Feedlots of Madison County
· The Dairy of Ann Frank

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