Mistaken Identity


Is this the horse I think it is? You had him here last year.
That rope got tangled in his feet, he jumped just like a deer.
He pulled the brandin' pot plum down and hung up in the gate.
It tore clean off its hinges, which is why it don't hang straight.

I'm tellin' you, I know this horse. He threw you 'cross the fence!
The ground crew tried to find a hole and hide in self-defense.
He bucked back through the cows and calves and tried to kill Joe's truck.
I've never seen a grill fall off, ol' Joe was thunderstruck.

He finally stopped to catch his wind, his hide was wringin' wet.
We tried to slip up next to him, as close as we could get.
To try and grab a draggin' rein, was all that we could hope,
But he nearly did a back flip when Jim Bob shook out a rope.

I thought that net wire fence would hold, but I sure missed my guess.
He climbed it like a Sherman tank and lit out toward the west.
The whole corral was tore up bad, we've fixed it back since then,
But there's still bite marks on the gate inside the brandin' pen.

You sure you wuddn't here last year? Performed that tour de force.
"You've got me mixed up with someone, hell, I just bought this horse."
By gosh, ol' Son, I think yer right, you wuddn't even here.
It seems like I remember now, Slim rode him here last year.

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